The Crowned Academy, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and mentorship program that exists to aid in the overall formation and development of black and brown girls from both desired and disenfranchised communities. It is TCA’s mission to Train, Coach and Advise the next generation into transformative leaders, equipping them with the necessary tools, skills, and resources to overcome both racial and gender barriers. Through our educational programming that focuses on STEAM-H, and vocational and professional development that encourages individuality, authenticity, creativity, and innovation; TCA endeavors to create opportunities where minorities and women can excel in unrepresented fields. In addition, our affordable programs and facilities provide positive alternatives, solutions, and support for families who are raising minority girls in urban communities.


Upcoming Events

Location: New Beginning Christian  Center

Time: 2:30pm

Location: 5807 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth,VA

Time: 8am-5pm


 TL Chisholm, purposefully named with the initials of Tender Love and Care is a radio personality Praise 104.9FM, motivational speaker, youth pastor, worship leader, songwriter, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Crowned Academy and TL Ministries that is widely impacting her local community with a global message of HOPE.  A graduate of Hampton University with a BS in Physics, this former Nuclear Engineer has designed  a biblically based mentorship program that not only fosters the mental and spiritual needs of African American girls in urban communities but provides unique opportunities and exposure to various fields of study including her passion, STEM.  Her mobilizing ministry techniques and magnetic personality exhibits the diversity of her gifts and talents that are now being displayed on various mediums across the world including the air waves!